Package dryer

Package dryer is a sturdy solution for a professional

An Antti package dryer dries the crops quickly, flawlessly, with high quality and flexibly. It is tailored to meet the individual design and size requirements of each farm. The delivery includes separately agreed expert and design services, structures, equipment and training.

Tailoring for your individual needs

If you are considering acquiring an Antti package dryer, let us know about your specific needs. Antti’s decades-long experience, cutting-edge technology, modern expertise and know-how will take care of the rest. Let’s work together to create a cost-effective grain drying solution tailored to your farm.

Dual dryer and bioheater: power and cost-effectiveness

In a dual dryer, one dryer is always used for drying as the other is simultaneously cooling and then discharging the previously dried batch. The dryer is then filled with a new batch. Bioheaters are a perfect fit for a system such as this, where heat can be on continuously. The hot air is conveyed into the dryer by means of airflow control plates. Grain processing is under control when an automatic control system is added.

Package dryer type

width. x length /


Silo base size (m) Capacity of silos as a function of the number of element tiers (m3)
8 10 12 14
4 x 4 2,5 x 2,5 535 674 813 952
4 x 5 2,5 x 2,5 732 918 1104 1290
4 x 4 3,0 x 3,0 775 974 1173 1373
4 x 5 3,0 x 3,0 1061 1327 1592 1858


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