Antti Ultima

ULTIMA elevates grain drying to a new level

ULTIMA is Finland’s first complete remote control system for grain drying and storage, including a versatile suite of online services. Grain drying has never been this easy and reliable.

Information on each drying batch is recorded in the ULTIMA online service whenever a batch is completed. You can check the drying reports immediately, return to them later and gradually accumulate a reference database. ULTIMA also provides the opportunity for managing your grain inventory. You can direct the dried batches to the selected silos and monitor their fulness.

Antti offers the ULTIMA system combined with continuous moisture measurement directly from the grain. Moisture measurement reduces the need for over drying, which conserves a lot of energy over time.

The ULTIMA solution combines automatic grain processing with a versatile online service*, which users can access anywhere and anytime on a computer or mobile device. The automation enables continuous batch drying, according to settings.

* Check availability from your local dealer.

Ultima Ultima Pro
Drying automation X X
Continuous batch drying X X
Filling automation X X
Discharge automation X X
Moisture measurement X X
Automatic sampling X X
Text message notifications and alerts X
Remote diagnostics and support X X
Touch screen, colour 9” X X
Preconfigured settings X
Expandable software X X
Online service, real-time monitoring X X
Online service, batch logs* X
Online service, silo logs* X
Data analysis and annual report X

* Check availability from your local dealer.

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