Antti Optima

With Optima, automatic drying is easy

During the harvest time dryers run day and night, while the farmer is needed on the field at the same time. The Antti automation is developed to control, supervise and perform tasks given by the farmer, giving him time to perform other tasks. The control system can be adapted to all kinds of dryers.

Antti has over 30 years of experience in developing dryer automation in cooperation with one of the best known automation manufacturers. The Antti Automation product line starts from accessories that can be added to old control centres to make them more versatile to complete grain handling control systems.

Antti Optima

As standard, the versatile basic unit includes:

  • Smart drying automation with a touchscreen
  • Frequency converter of the feeding device
  • Control of the standard temperature
  • Electrical readiness for filling automation
  • Electrical readiness for discharging automation
  • Readiness for other accessories
  • Nominal current 125 A

Standard equipment

Control for

  • Fan
  • Heater
  • Elevator
  • Precleaner
  • Bottom fan
  • Feeder


  • GSM55 – GSM alarm
  • Filling automatics
  • Constant temperature regulation
  • Scale

Control for

  • Additional heater
  • Additional fan
  • Additional elevator / conveyor
  • Motor operated 2-way divider
  • Motor operated 3-way divider
  • Motor operated feeder system empting

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