Antti Bioheaters

Efficient and fast drying or air heating

Depending on the model and the fuel used, our environmentally friendly Bioheaters have a power range of 500–1200 kW, with a maximum temperature of 80°C and a maximum rise in temperature of 60°C.

Not only are our Bioheaters a powerful heating or drying solution for farms, but they can also be suitable to meet the heating needs of industry, construction sites and greenhouses.

Our heaters have highly efficient heat exchangers, and are capable of withstanding continuous use.

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Inexpensive, Diverse Fuels

Our Bioheaters burn woodchips, peat, pellets, briquettes and energy grains or waste among other fuels, while reducing energy costs by up to 70%.


Available  Vacboost models.

Model Power Fuel consumption Length Width Height Air pipe D
kW Wood chips (800kWh/m³) m³/h Pellet (4,75kWh/kg) kg/h mm mm mm mm
BIO VACBOOST 500 500 0,65 105 2815 1556 2711 800
BIO VACBOOST 700 700 0,9 150 2815 1556 2711 1000
BIO VACBOOST 1200 1200 1,5 253 3904 2273 2874 1250

Bio Vacboost-heater
500 – 700


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