Our quality system is now ISO 9001 certified

ISO 9001 is the most well-known quality standard in the world; it is used as a management tool and to ensure even production quality. A good quality system is a key factor in our company’s success. It helps us analyse our organization’s needs and our customer’s needs, helping us to achieve our goals.

Granted by DNV, the ISO 9001 certificate is a reliable sign of a customer-oriented company that works systematically to improve quality. The certificate is maintained through annual monitoring visits, which ensure that the agreed improvements have been made. We also carry out internal audits, during which we take a closer look at selected areas of the company’s operations. Constant development allows us to provide our customers with high-quality products and services.

According to CEO Kalle Isotalo, getting the certificate does not mean that we are done developing our operations – the same principles will continue to define the quality of our operations in the future.

”Continuous improvement and development are key values to us: how can we do things more efficiently and productively and create higher-quality products? For us at Antti-Teollisuus, meeting our customers’ requirements and providing them with quality products is a matter of pride.”

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