Marine doors

Connecting doors

Our doors are built to last

Cabins with connecting doors can be connected to family cabins. These doors have also high sound reduction characteristics.

Product range

Antti Marine doors are IMO and USCG approved products. USCG approval is based on the agreement between the United States of America and EEA EFTA states on the mutual recognition of certificates of conformity for marine equipment.

All Antti Marine doors are tested and approved according to latest regulations and standards. The doors comply with AnnexA.1, Item No. A.1/3.16 and Annex B, Module B in the Directive SOLAS 74 as amended, Regulation II-2/ and IMO 2010 FTP Code. Our door range includes a large variety of door types for ship and offshore applications.


  • clear open max. 800 x 2050 mm (B-class)
  • double door application, door is supplied in pairs
  • door leaf thickness 32 mm
  • frame gasket and sill gasket included
  • sound reduction value from 44 dB Rw up to 48 dB Rw
  • equipment options
    • door eye
    • door closer surface assembly


  • clear open max. 900 x 2050 mm (B-class sound reduction model)
  • door leaf thickness 60 mm
  • rebated door leaf construction, special sealing
  • frame gasket (double) and sill gaskets included
  • sound reduction value up to 44 dB Rw
  • equipment options
    • door eye
    • door closer surface assembly


If you can not find what you are looking for in the catalogue please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you. Together we will certainly find a solution that suits you.