Antti-Teollisuus Oy, established in 1952, is a family-owned business that manufactures metal products. The plant is located in Salo, Southwest Finland.The group consists of the parent company Antti-Teollisuus Oy and its subsidiary company Antti Baltic OÜ Estonia. In addition, we co-operate with a large group of retailers who work alongside our own sales.

History shortly:

”In 1952, Antti Isotalo established a blacksmith’s workshop at the backwoods of the then Kuusjoki parish. In the beginning, the company manufactured kitchen fittings, doors and window frames. By the mechanization of the agriculture, they added the farm machinery in the range of products. Crop dryers and snow blowers were launched on the market at the end of 1950s.

In 1961, Sepänliike Antti Isotalo changed its name into A. Isotalon Konepaja. In 1960s, the oil receivers, silos and modern crop dryers came into product range. During the last part of the 1960s, the company provided employment for almost 90 persons.

In 1972, the company changed its name again and then Antti-Teollisuus Oy grew up. Antti Isotalo’s little brother, Pentti Isotalo, was named managing director. Pentti Isotalo also became a shareholder into a company which then employed hundred persons. The company focused more and more on the development of grain drying and conditioning machinery.

In 1984, the ownership of the company changed to the family of Pentti Isotalo. In 1989, Antti-Teollisuus introduced its first logic programmed crop dryer, which had a charging and emptying automatism.

The growth started in 1980s (the sales volume of Antti-Teollisuus was over 50 million marks at the end of 1980s) did not continue anymore during the depression period in Finland in 1990s. Big investments was made in new processing plants when the demand waned. In 1992, during the deepest depression, Antti-Teollisuus made courageous strategic solutions: it bought the manufacturing and selling rights of Jaakko-dryer, invested in the industrial sales (especially in food and feed industry) and started to manufacture cabin doors for ships.

Pentti Isotalo’s period as managing director ended in 1993 when a managing director outside of the family was chosen. In 1999, Kalle Isotalo moved into the family company management.

The change of generation was carried out in 2005, when the ownership of the company in its entirety was transferred to the next generation. Now Kalle Isotalo, Kaisa Isotalo and Karoliina Isotalo continue as owners and entrepreneurs of a modern technology company. Nearly half of the sales volume comes already from the export, and currently the company focuses on two product lines; Agriculture and Marine.”

Antti-Teollisuus Oy
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